Loophole to Happiness

Loophole to Happiness : A 585 word philosophy

“Profound in its simplicity and complexity. So few words, yet so many perspectives. Each Loophole requires the reader to pause and consider preconceived ideas, long held beliefs, life experiences, subconscious thoughts, unacknowledged faults, unrealized strengths, closely guarded fears, and unrecognized potential. I believe that there are people who will use Loophole to Happiness to open themselves up to feelings and thinking that they haven’t yet explored. Others may find validation for how they already approach their daily lives. “ – Alice Wells

Loophole to Happiness is a 585 word philosophy developed over an eight year period. Each of the 150 pages contain a short phrase representing “the reaction to the reaction” to the spectrum of emotion we all experience.  It breaks down our challenges on the most basic level.

Loophole to Happiness is on random play and you can order your own copy at LoopholetoHappiness.com.